i must touch you

handshaking can transmit viruses like the cold or flu, parasites like scabies, and bacteria

shake my hand corona virus

a typical hand has roughly 150 different species of bacteria living on it

University of Colorado
i may have urinated
 i may have defecated
i may have masturbated 
 i may not have sanitised  (sanitized)
shake my hand

“The hands are a primary way that germs can be transmitted,” says Mary Lou Manning, PhD, President-Elect of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, who was not part of the study. “When I shake your hand, you don’t know where my hand has been, and I don’t know where your hand has been,” Dr. Manning wrote in an email. “All sorts of bacteria and viruses—from the germs that cause the common cold to the ones that lead to superbug infections—can be spread this way.”

trump called handshakes “barbaric.” In his 1997 book “the art of the comeback,” trump wrote he’d “often thought of taking out a series of newspaper ads encouraging the abolishment of the handshake.”

agreeing with donald trump. damn.

then again, he also says

……that when he meets beautiful women he feels able to “grab them by the pussy”

Covid-19 appears to be more infectious than normal flu. And, at least for older people, it’s more dangerous. I’m 62 years old and male, which puts me into two of the higher-risk categories. Among my strategies, I have decided to avoid shaking hands. Remember, transmission of the virus is mainly via the hands, writes Dr Michael Mosley