another reason to hate mozilla

Firefox users started to notice that installed browser extensions were all disabled in the web browser suddenly. Extensions would display “could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled” messages in the add-ons manager of the browser. Firefox would display “One or more installed add-ons cannot be verified and have been disabled” at the top as a notification next to that.

Turns out, the issue is caused by a bug. If you read carefully, you notice that verification is the issue. A new thread on Bugzilla suggests that this has something to do with extension signing.

Firefox marked addons due signing as unsupported, but doesn’t allow re-downloads from AMO → All extensions disabled due to expiration of intermediate signing cert.

All Firefox extensions need to be signed since Firefox 48 and Firefox ESR 52. Firefox will block the installation of extensions with invalid certificates (or none), and that is causing the issue on user systems.

Related issues have been reported: some users cannot install extensions from Mozilla’s official Add-ons repository. Users get “Download failed. Please check your connection” errors when they attempt to download any extension from the official repository.

we hate mozilla

microsoft web browser design

Well, you’re obviously being totally naive”, Said the girl, “When you’ve been in marketing as long as I have, you know that before any new product can be developed it has to be properly researched. We’ve got to find out what people want from fire, how they relate to it, what sort of image it has for them.”
“Stick it up your nose,” Ford said.
“Which is precisely the sort of thing we need to know,” insisted the girl. “Do people want fire that can be fitted nasally?”
“And the wheel,” said the Captain, “what about this wheel thingy? It sounds a terribly interesting project.”
“Ah,” said the marketing girl, “well, we’re having a little difficulty there.”
“Difficulty?” exclaimed Ford. “Difficulty? What do you mean, difficulty? It’s the single simplest machine in the entire Universe!”
The marketing girl soured him with a look. “All right Mr. Wiseguy,” she said, “you’re so clever, you tell us what color it should be.”

british eu exit delayed shock

united kingdom european union membership referendum 23 June 2016, nearly three years later.

On thursday (2019/03/21) night, after eight hours of talks, eu leaders offered to delay brexit (british exit) until 22 May if mps approve mrs may’s deal next week.

if they do not approve it, the delay will be shorter – until 12 April – at which point the uk must set out its next steps or leave without a deal.

download movies for free

fake sites redirects to redirects to redirects to redirects to redirects to watch an intro to a random movie then redirects to credit card redirects to redirects to
redirector phishing malware adware

splash screens

programmers should not design

smart watch using stupid software

splash screens should not require interaction. as an indication that a program is loading, fine. bringing the program to a screeching halt is an ill-conceived idea badly executed. on a personal note, the assumption that this is my favorite email irratates beyond polite definition.

what can you do with gmail?

with gmail, your email is stored safely in the cloud. this means you can get to them from any computer or device with a web browser. you can also quickly organize and find important email, as well as read and draft email without an internet connection


strange how menus for programs are always at the top of the screen but buttons are nearly always at the bottom. screen to small? tough.

google to block ad-blockers in chrome. for safety

google engineers have proposed changes to the open-source chromium browser that will break content-blocking extensions, including ad blockers.

If the overhaul goes ahead, Adblock Plus and similar plugins that rely on basic filtering will, with some tweaks, still be able to function to some degree, unlike more ambitious extensions, such as uBlock Origin, which will be harder hit. The drafted changes will limit the capabilities available to extension developers, ostensibly for the sake of speed and safety. Chromium forms the central core of Google Chrome, and, soon, microsoft edge.